Multimedia installation exploring female sexuality in the 21st century.WARNING: Adult Themes!
Group exhibition by BUDMD.

Exploring the ways we subconsciously sexualise our everyday objects, The Erotic Everyday aims to question our attachment to objects and whether it enhances our sexuality or creates more inhibition and an addiction to the non-human. Inspired by Judy Chicago and the women’s movement, T.E.E. aims to rebel against the male dominated art scene through embracing artistic media commonly dismissed by the high art world as merely “craft”; forms such as needlework and ceramic decoration are central to this work. Taking inspiration from Tracey Emin and Louise Bourgeois’ themes of the unconscious, sexual desire and the body, T.E.E. embodies a change in perception of female sexuality and aims to voice the struggles many women face while finding themselves.

A bird
Another bird
The ultimate bird
Great bird alkaline
tor nado